Sprint Triathlon Training with Get a Grip Total Fitness Starts Jan 27th…






Have you been thinking of doing a Triathlon but are scared because you really don’t know what to do or if you can do it…? 114490-209-015ftriathlonbike114490-234-018fThat’s exactly how I felt last year when my good friend 114490-068-028fand Fitness Pro Carrie Kukuda from “Get a Grip Total Fitness” asked me to be at her seminar where she was going to be talking about a Sprint Triathlon Training class she was putting together and wanted me there in case someone wanted to buy a bike. I decided to go not only to sell bikes but to see what she was putting together because I had been thinking of doing a Triathlon but just really didn’t know where to start since I had never done any type of bike race or triathlon. After listening to what she was planning I decided to join the 12 week Sprint Triathlon Program to get myself ready for my first Triathlon at 47 years old!… The class not only got us all ready for the race physically but also mentally because of all the support from everyone in the class and from Get a Grip Total Fitness. They went step by step what we needed to make sure to bring and also explained and demonstrated the transition from water to bike to run…Little things that you would never think of like extra water to wash the sand off your feet and a towel to dry them off at your transition area after coming out of water… I have to say the best part of the class had to be knowing that I wasn’t alone for the training or for race day which was pretty scary because we were all part of the Get a Grip Total Fitness “Family” and the support was GREAT!

I strongly recommend this class especially if you have never done a Triathlon and have been thinking about it because you will be part of a great group of people that are all there to help and support you to do your best in the Triathlon and you will learn step by step what you need to do to get ready for the race… You’re never to old or too young to do your first Triathlon because at 47 years old I found myself in the best shape of my life and able to beat many competitors much younger than me…!