“NEW” Amped Sports/Endurance Product Line

      “NEW Amped Sports/Endurance Product Line     WHY AMPED? Your workout is about to change. From the moment you step out your front door to the last exhausted breath after that final rep, AMPED is there to improve your performance—beginning to end. This family of products is scientifically crafted to power you […]

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Has the Technology on Newer Bikes Really Advanced to Make Faster Bikes…?

  Have Bikes Really Advanced in the Past 30 Years…? Here we have my 1985 Nishiki Tri A Road Bike with Complete Internal Brake and Shifter cables, Biopace Crank(Oval), Lightweight Tange 1 Steel Tubing 12 speed Bike…   I decided to do a little experiment this morning as I set out on a 40 mile […]

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NEW Replenish ALL NATURAL Sports Drink

Replenish A refreshing sports drink to rehydrate and re-energize your body for performance, and replace nutrients and electrolytes that can be lost during exercise. 100% DV of Vitamin C and a B-Complex Glycogen complex delivers carbs needed to perform No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners

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